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 Dont stir, if you have poured from above this should disturb the coffee enough to start the brewing process and saves you having to clean a spoon. 6. As a lover of strong fragrant coffee, I prefer the French press over the traditional drip coffee. Once you have all the grounds safely below the plunger you can pour away and enjoy, ready to deal with the rest of your day. . The drip coffee is definitely more common in households and demands a few more ingredients, the most important of all being a coffee machine. Boil your kettle, and then sit it for a few minutes, as pouring boiling water over the coffee will burn your grinds. Pour the water from a height, say 15cm or thereabouts. The coffee also tastes creamier and smells divine, mostly due to the essential oils not catching in the paper filter. Slowly push the plunger down over the coffee, dont go too fast or you will spray the coffee all over yourself and be cleaning up before you even taste the first drop. Sit and wait, or in my case; go have a shower. After 5 minutes or so the coffee is ready to be pressed. The desired amount of coffee is placed into the filter and water is added to the machine. If youre feeling particularly low you may want to double up. The advantages sit in having complete control over how strong you want your brew. Grind your beans, or purchase pre ground ones; to avoid those little grits at the base of your cup a coarse grind is best for the French press. The next big difference is the requirement of filters. Youre now ready for that first big plunge, this is pretty well the hardest part of the process, and can take awhile to perfect so dont punish yourself if you make a mess the first time. 5. 2. If you havent tried it you can pick up a 2 cup press quite cheap at your local home wares store. There is less mess and generally less steps, however the taste of your coffee largely depends on the cost of your machine and Socks Knitting Machine quality of the filters. This ensures agitation of the coffee and looks really snazzy when your friends watch. 3. To start; 1.The morning conundrum, how are you to brew your coffee today? A French press, also commonly referred to graphically as a plunger, is a simple filter free way of making your caffeine hit. 4. The longer you wait the stronger the brew will be. I like the process and the smell always makes getting up in the morning easier. Place about 1 tablespoon per cup into the glass base of the French press. You need to make sure your filters match your machines cup size. The water boils in the machine and drips slowly over the coffee, through the filter and into the coffee pot. Give it a go, you wont be disappointed. So youll need to get that first.  


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